Plan For Success - Download A Free Marketing Planner

image from felipe frutado unsplash. Bright yellow and blue post it notes and crayons on white desk

As we approach the final quarter of 2018; there still remains plenty of opportunities for every business to fulfil aims such as increasing lead generation, gaining more customers and increasing sales.

A marketing plan is an essential tool for any size business to help plan and record marketing activities (free and paid) and should reflect your key objectives of your business plan.

Download your free Excel planner which highlights the key business dates from October until December 2018, helps you record your key campaigns until the end of the year and highlights possible marketing opportunities for your business.

We have provided instructions, an example and a blank template for you to create your own plan.

All the cells are editable so you can customise with your own colours, your own ideas and insert more columns such as a ‘delegating to’ column.

We hope you find this download useful, do let us know your feedback and suggestions.

If you need help with writing a more detailed marketing plan, social media training, managing your social media accounts or developing a new website for your business - please contact us for a free consultation and a quote.