Have you seen the new emoji?

World Emoji Day.jpg

Tuesday 17 July 2018 is World Emoji Day and to celebrate, Apple has released news of the 70 upcoming new emoji coming to their devices later this year, with a major software update.

New emoji include freezing faces, redheads, superhero (male and female), cupcake, lobster and various fruit and animals.

Why should I be excited?

Research shows, using emojis in your emails, texts and digital messages are now proven to bring your message alive, encourage engagement and communicate more articulately. In a crowded digital world consisting of millions of messages; if we can use fun to help improve the delivery of a message, then why not get involved?

We can't wait to get hold of the new emoji. We've shared some of the images from Apple below, let us know your favourite one in the comments below.

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New emoji foodjpg
New emoji animals.jpg